The Magickal Luxury Feminine In A Box is... the ultimate experience to imbue ladylike charm, sophistication and graceful femininity without attending a finishing school

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Who says being ambitious and feminine, is impossible to achieve? 

The coveted feminine art of Refinement and Poise, is something many modern women struggle with. With an increased Masculine way of behaving, women are sabotaging their love life unconsciously by the way they carry themselves, and have little understanding of genuine Femininity.


Using the energies and inspired wisdom of Lady Dutchess Bune, Spirit of Money, Femininity, and Seduction — this experience in a box, is lovingly created to empower your femininity, elegance, and grace. 


It will help you discover femininity & feminine consciousness in all its forms, reject the toxic and destructive notions of Modern Feminism, and heal your heart to carry yourself like a Queen.

Are you ready to rise into your Ladylike Power?

Most women have realised that Success, finally, is for them. So they set off to achieve their heart’s desires, in many ways.


And yet, they go about this Success, in all the wrong ways.

A lot of women get trapped in their head, they’re used to doing business “like a man”. Pushing having to be an “alpha”, always moving at breakneck speed, fully pressing ahead in their ambition, with no time to rest or move at a systematic pace. We do this to feel this to head of the pack to be seen, to get ahead to be heard. 


To be recognised. 


I certainly know that feeling as I operated at securing success for myself more like a man!


I am Nadia Arain and I understand your frustrations and struggles well. 


Born to powerful businessman father and having run a successful spa business, I was burnt out, exasperated, exhausted and I drove myself to the ground, to achieve it. For us women who are high achievers and determined in our resolve to succeed at life, femininity feels foreign. 


Like some old repressed version of the voiceless housewife. 


Because that is all we have ever seen in the women around us. 


We’ve traditionally seen men hold power, like in corporate and global affairs, and whilst this energy might make sense in corporate to further ourselves professionally. I’m here to tell you it doesn't have to be that way. 


The real question is, how do we encourage financial drive, ambition, and do it from a woman’s perspective? How do we combine grace, elegance, determination, and strength?

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Lady Duchess Bune is here to show us we can be a woman and be successful.

She shows us how to balance our strength with a graceful refinement to carry ourselves with a certain level of deportment and also possess the persistence and grit to achieve our heart’s desires. Being ambitious does not mean you have to trade in your Femininity, Bune encourages and reminds us that learning to switch between these two energies, is the true key to Ambitious Feminine Charm.


Duchess Bune Feminine Ladylike Charm Rose Magickal Pendant

Crafted from a Real Rose and glazed in 24 karat gold glaze, this beautiful magickally enchanted pendant, will allow you to carry yourself like a lady in all situations, align you with feminine consciousness, and help you radiate grace, softness, and a regal charm that is magnetic and compelling, all in the same sentence.


You will be able to radiate polished manners and etiquette naturally, without breaking the bank at a finishing school. You will come to discover that you hold yourself with poise and ladylike elegance without the self-consciousness and awkwardness of trying, that comes along with doing your best to adapt to a more poised version of yourself.

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Real Rose Quartz Face Rejuvenation "Complexion Booster" Magickal Roller

Created with the highest quality Pink Rose Quartz, this unique beauty tool tightens and firms the skin, reduces puffiness, aids collagen production and soothes irritated skin. Enchanted energetically, with Spartanite feminine radiance layers, this helps you rediscover your shine and beauty, like never before.


You will be able to see your own beauty and youth restored without the invasive methods such as Botox, fillers, and cosmetic surgery. Enjoy soft skin and the additional boost in radiance. When not being used, leave it in your room and the enchanted layers radiate peace, love, and joy, to fill your space. Comes with it’s own box, with an instruction manual and a suede pink fabric pouch for carrying it on the go with you.

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Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Ladies Fragrance

A sweet sunny Summer’s day with a light breeze, relaxes and envelops you into it’s peace. Inspired by Duchess Bune’s love for all things floral and feminine, Flowerbomb is a heady mix of Jasmine, rose petals, patchouli, and vanilla.


A true bouquet of exquisite flowers, come to life.

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Authentic Hermes Luxury Silk Scarf

Silk scarves are the epitome of style and embraced by many cultured ladies, globally. Renowned Luxury fashion designer, Hermes, inspires us to cultivate our sexy, feminine, and graceful nature.


Step out in sophistication and wow all your paramours and admirers, alike!

When working with Nadia and Dutchess Bune, there is a lot of information learned that you can apply to your life. From one session alone, I learned how to carry myself more confidently as a woman, be more ladylike and attract better quality men. These sessions have inspired me to further refine my personality and set boundaries that are true to my beliefs.


All in all, these sessions are well worth the investment if your goal is to be more in tune with your feminine essence and be able to apply this knowledge to your life.

Janet Howe

I can see the TRUE effects of Duchess Bune. I wore this pendant to work and noticed that men were magnetized to me.


The energy, interest, power, and respect were there. Today I wore the layered Feminine Radiance and Erotic Ruby bracelets and OMG... I saw how I allured my coworkers to my energy, charmed the entire room, and have even gotten lots of welcomes back from my coworkers and people happy to see me again.


Did I mention that even my job effortlessly rehired me - and promoted me without me having to apply? Thank you for your products. I know there's a curve, and sometimes the effects are even deeper and more substantial as you do the work. OMG I recommend this to everyone - and I can't wait to start using my enchanted rose quartz roller you sent me, with my special beauty oils.

Lauren Raquel

The Art Of Being an Empowered Lady, is one of the toughest challenges a modern woman can face

We do not have Ladylike women in Society any longer. Women have been incorrectly, brainwashed to think behaving like a man, is attractive to men. 


Traits of refinement allow for a woman to carry herself gracefully in public in respectable societal roles such as being a wife, mother, daughter, and sister. They provide her confidence and empowerment from a place of honoured Feminine shine.

Refined Elegance, Social Etiquette, Manners, & Charm; are not optional for a woman. They are essential to allow her to stand above the crowd in a dignified, proper, and graceful manner. They allow her to be respected, heard, and seen. Dutchess Bune -- Spirit of Money, Feminine Charm,& Seduction, is big on working with Ladies who heed her call and wish to ignite their feminine spirit as a woman ready to transform into a lady who glides in Society, respected and well-maintained.

  • CULTIVATE GRACE AND SOPHISTICATION - Naturally embrace a softer and more balanced approach to your work that allows you to be more well-rounded

  • EMBRACE FEMININE CONSCIOUSNESS - See things from a womanly lens, enjoy light, sensuality, and incorporate more feminine behaviour in your daily living

  • SKIN REJUVENATION - Helps activate your natural collagen and improves its elasticity

  • INCREASE REFINEMENT AND CHARM - Radiate a poised and polished version of yourself with charm and beauty

  • BALANCE AMBITION & STYLE - Femininity and being driven, aren’t mutually exclusive. Combine your energies simultaneously

  • RADIATE GLAMOROUS BEAUTY - Enjoy the head turning glamour and receive compliments on your youth and vitality

  • ENJOY the flirty and playful side of a woman, adding a unique happiness and glow to you

  • RECONNECT with the inner girl who deserves to feel & look beautiful

  • GROUND yourself and get back into feeling in your heart and body instead of your head.

Enjoy this luxe pamper package while the magickal layers will work to ignite real femininity, which simply means appreciating the genuine source of your power. Allowing you to stand up for yourself, put yourself first, protect yourself, and carry yourself with style, sophistication and grace.

Being able to combine your feminine grace with Lioness strength, is a specialty of Lady Duchess Bune.


Allow her to share her wisdom with you.

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Dutchess Bune’s energy is very needed in today’s society. As a woman, it can be a challenge to balance the demands of a career and not take on an air of masculinity. 


For all the modern gains in equality, there is still work to be done on celebrating being a woman and working with that energy rather than trying to suppress an innately feminine nature. People say we should act like a lady and think like a man but Bune’s guidance is to do everything as a refined, sophisticated, confident woman. There is no pretending in success. To radiate confidence and “win” one must fully know who they are. Like it or not, women have an entire litany of strengths at our disposal that can (and should) be woven into the way we approach life. To be a woman is a gift and it is half of the world’s whole. 


Our perspective and approach is valid. The key to success is knowing one’s self and owning everything we are. I wear the charmed rose pendant for that very reason. The Venusian energy is a reminder to myself of the path I have chosen. Women sometimes get put into one of three boxes: domineering, needy or trampy. We don’t have to play into any of those sad labels. We can choose to dignified, graceful and charmingly capable of getting everything we want. It is not wrong to be fabulous! 


To further remind myself of this, I use the rose quartz face roller daily. Yes, I could have bought one “off the shelf” but I wanted it to be infused with Bune’s energy. Intention is everything. The face roller is very relaxing, good for my skin, and I use those moments of self-care to re-group and check in with the Dutchess. Since working with her, I feel like she holds court with my spirit guides regularly. Dutchess may be her official title but her aura is very Queenly. Bottom line, confidence and empowerment are inside jobs that can radiate out beautifully to all areas of life. Nadia is a master of explaining this and it’s been a pleasure to work with her and Dutchess Bune.

Savanah Sivadon

Q: What is the investment rate?


A: It is £997 GBP investment to invest in this luxury package.

Q: Do I receive Bune's direct input on this programme? 


A: You do, yes. Bune will be inputting her direct and eloquent wisdom to boost and embolden you to create healthy a feminine consciousness and ladylike charm through her magickal pendant and enchanted roller.


Q: Do you have payment plans?


A: We do. You can pay monthly through

Q: Do I receive all the items together?


A: Aside the fragrance, yes you do. For international border control and shipping purposes, you will receive your perfume separately.

Q: Can I purchase this as a gift for someone?


A: You absolutely can! Just let us know via direct email, and we will add a gift note to your order.

Q: How exactly does the pendant and roller work?


A: Both items are embedded with magickal energies that are programmed at a time release. Over time, your thought forms and energies will shift and change, allowing you to welcome in new change into your life, right before your eyes!


Q: How long does mentoring last?


A: This process takes exactly 6 calendar months. The only time there will be delays will be due to extenuating circumstances, such as national holidays, or personal emergencies. 

Q: Do I receive Clauneck’s direct input on this programme? 


A: Yes, you do. Clauneck will be inputting his direct wisdom and financial counsel to boost and embolden you to create your new healthy and happy money story.

Q: How many clients do you take on per year?


A: For Clauneck’s private mentoring we take only five per year. We spend a lot of time curating a fantastic experience, paying attention to detail, and wish to focus on the quality of service provided, not quantity.

Q: What is the investment rate?


A: It is £20K GBP investment to work with us privately through Clauneck’s mentoring.

Q: Is this only for those who practice the Occult?


A: It is not, however it is helpful if you understand how Clauneck works. He is the Spirit of Wealth & Value as well as being the King of Money. As long as you respect him, he is open to working with you and is welcoming of all beliefs, religions, faiths, and races equally.

Q: Do you have payment plans?


A: We do. You can pay monthly. 

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